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Tropfin B.V.


Welcome to Tropfin B.V., an importer of tropical fruit juices, purees and concentrates. Tropfin B.V. was founded in 1998 and is located in the Netherlands. Imports concern mainly products from South East Asia which are used as an ingredient in fruit juices, nectars and drinks.


Through its subsidiary, Tropfin (Thailand) Co., Ltd., crops and factories in South East Asia are followed closely. This subsidiary is responsible for sourcing, quality control and on time shipment. Before shipment, representative product samples are being analysed; either in our own laboratory in Bangkok or by an external partner.


Tropfin B.V. focuses on four fruits: pineapple, lychee, passionfruit and coconut. Products from these fruits for food and beverage manufacturers are sourced in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Also available are ingredients made from e.g. aloe vera, guava, rambutan, soursop (guayabano), tamarind and from spices like chilli, garlic and ginger


Although many close relationships with processors have been developed over the years, Tropfin is not exclusively committed to any supplier in order to be free to find the best solution within the requirements of its customers


In the Netherlands Tropfin B.V. keeps a continuous stock of its main products such as pineapple juice concentrate. These products are sold in original packaging from processor’s factory or as a tailor made blend. Typical packaging is 20l carton, 200l drum, 1000l bin or bulk in tankwagon. Regularly these products are analysed to secure that its quality complies with AIJN values (for juice) and EU regulations.

For customers that would like to be in more direct contact with processors in South East Asia, Tropfin (Thailand) Co., Ltd, provides brokerage services. The knowledge, relations and systems built up over the years are at customer’s disposal. In case payment or shipment terms cannot be matched between South East Asian producer and overseas importer, we are available to provide alternative logistical or financial solutions.